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tashimos commented on "5 yrs of working" 2014-08-30 1:44am

me at work on my wedding day July 26th 2014 haha what can i say i love my job,

fiend_for_coffee commented on "Paying it forward" 2014-08-29 2:57pm

Although it's a nice idea, I do think that we need to remain cognizant that many people might also not.. Some people just want to get their coffee and go, and might feel weird by being given drinks by a stranger. This day and age, when we're told to not accept drinks from strangers, makes this even more worrisome for some people. I think the majority will just smile and say thank you, but you might be making them uncomfortable. What if they already finished a drink and don't want another, or have lactose intolerance, etc? I think this whole pay-it-forward idea has gone a little too far - while it's great for those people who like it, those who feel uncomfortable accepting handouts and/or providing them are being potentially dissuaded from returning to that establishment. I for one would prefer to just order the drink I want and pay for it myself, rather than have a stranger buy me a drink (and probably not the one I want), or pay for me (uh, thanks? Net effect = zero, since I'm just paying for the next person in line). If we want to do real good, how about you grab a homeless person and take them to Timmies for lunch, rather than this silly you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours with people who can already afford their drinks in the first place.. Maybe I'm just a grinch :)

Proud to be a Timmie's Lover commented on "Tim Horton's Used to be My One and Only" 2014-08-26 7:01am

I like the two teas bags for a large or extra large. You complain about costs that helps make up for the cost. You can ask them to put one tea bag in and have one tea bag out, so when you are home you can make a Tim hortons tea. As well as some of their specialty tea like apple cinnamon does taste good with both bags in, it taste like apple cider but not as sweet which I like. The lids thing yes leak when it is on the seam. I just don't think it is right to be ordering coffee from McD's a burger joint, that is suppose to specialize in burgers... Which barely looks like a burger. Over the year McD's has tried several different business over halls, it's like they watch to see who is making money and how they can bring that business over. Example: when Pizza Hut was really big and hopping, McD's all of a sudden started serving pizza. Yes pizza!! Just like if I want a stale muffin I will go to walmart and buy it cheaper. Can barely call McD's food, wonder where they can their coffee beans and tea from their cafe supplies.

Proud to be a Timmie's Lover commented on "Paying it forward" 2014-08-26 6:44am

I love the paying forward idea. I have had it happen to me 3 times in Ontario. Where I was in line or in the drive through and the person ahead of me paid for the next five people. It does bring a smile to your face and make you feel good. Also makes you feel good doing it for someone else too. I like Tim Hortons for the community that goes there, customers and staff are usually great, and no one judges you there. It's simply to say double double regular, than oh we have 12 different kind of beans with 12 different flavours, like huh? Yeah give me normal coffee with happy atmosphere anyday.

Proud Timmie's Lover commented on "What a disappointment" 2014-08-26 6:26am

I don't understand where your dilemma is?? Because they ask if you wanted choice that means that management needs to be retrained? Maybe you need to be re-educated, sounds like a pretty ignorant statement to me. The dark roast coffee is actually pretty good if you like a little stronger taste, which I don't mind from time to time but I will stick to regular. And what's with the first sentence "a cute story that I hope catches your attention," drama queen.... Sad, that society thinks a $1.80 per day means you can be rude to other people. If they messed up your order, and you tell them they just remake your order, but to be upset because they didn't memorize 1 order out of 100's of people and asked you if you wanted choice in a free country, is ludicrous. I believe the point to this section is to tell your life changing stories where you had a Tim Hortons cup in your hand, not complain, that would be the contact is link at the bottom.


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