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So sweet! Love this story.

Juan Iglesias
mrjuan92 commented on "Tim Hortons First Commercial" 2014-10-03 10:37pm

I love the coffee and the boston cream donuts

leggattd commented on "Happy Travellers" 2014-10-03 12:48pm

Glad that isn't the view from my Tims, Daisy & I might never leave

Jennifer Bavis commented on "Best Smile Ever" 2014-09-16 9:36am

Mommy's boy has the best smile ever...just like his Smile cookie which was supporting Rainbow Riders...a great cause!!

Robert Brown commented on "The Happiest Moment of my Life" 2014-09-07 6:11am

I couldn't contain the overflow of emotion as I sat here reading this. I have two daughters myself and work way to much. As such, precious daddy / daughter time is rare. I think I need to change that.


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