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Mary Leduc commented on "5000 Winnings " 2014-04-17 2:45pm

If anyone deserves to win a $5000 prepaid VISA I am glad it is you Wayne. You have always been such a very kind giving person and Tim and I can only wish you and Dia the very best in your retirement. All the very best.

dariusz commented on "Leave no rim unrolled :)" 2014-04-16 6:38pm

Than go to esso gas station on queen and Islington in etobicoke and you will find all cup s being unrolled and you will win a s...t or some lines. Good luck . more I called the Tims office about the consern and they hung up on me. They probably participate in the scum.

joan richards
joan09876 commented on "Thanks for the TimCard" 2014-04-10 10:19am

Thank you so much for my 100 dollar Tims card, My family and I make a lot of trips for coffee and other treats plus we buy a lot of tassimo disc for my maker....thank you for all you do.....joan richards

Alen Urbanski
urbanska commented on "The Gift that Keeps on Giving" 2014-04-08 6:25pm

So sweet :-)

Beth Gillis commented on "My paying it forward with help from roll up the rim " 2014-04-05 7:49pm

it takes a very caring ,thoughtful and loveable person to do what she did
and one im cery proud to call my sister
ty Timhortons for allowen her to allow others to see that there is good in people :) and
ti show people that a act of kindness does go along way :)


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