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bonjovi a la dente commented on "Grabbing A Cup In Victoria" 2015-05-04 7:58pm

I will always have memories of walking to Tim's with my friends from school no matter what the weather conditions were. I would walk with my friends from dance too! After a good work out we had lots of room for Timmy's goodness.Mmmmmm always fresh at tim hortons!

LennyS commented on "Grabbing A Cup In Victoria" 2015-05-04 10:59am

I believe I offended a young woman at Tim's in Trenton, I think she thought I was judging her as stupid. Here is s pros to her!

If your really really smart people with think you are crazy, if your crazy, you are deemed stupid, so the smarter you are, the crazy you are; Love your self more than other people, and you will be able to help a world! Beleave in your self and no one, NO ONE, can bring you down, nothing to prove, and you will prove everything; I hope I did not upset you, you're AWSOME, stay that way, bleave you are just as important than anyone else, do let miscommunication bring tears, I am sorry......

Brian Ferguson
fergusob commented on "What's Up" 2015-05-03 8:00am

Too bad the Telltimhortons page doesn't work. I guess there are less complaints if they take the page down.

Samantha Stones commented on "Meditating with the light" 2015-04-29 3:41am

Dear Mr. Timmy,

I've been watching Deadmau5 coffee runs..I love them. I think you should have him be your spokesman. I now do "coffee runs" with my friends.
Samantha Stones

Catina Gervasi
catina commented on "Wonderful Start to My Day" 2015-04-24 8:48am

I forgot the most important part. This Tim Hortins is located on Jefferson Rd. in Rochester NY, 14623. Close to the corner of Hylan and Jefferson. Visiting them for a great cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch or snack will brighten up your day.


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