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Anonymous commented on "Can you get any more Canadian than this?" 2014-12-21 11:01am

Thanks for the comment about how Terrible the service is in the Niagara region! Everytime I order they mess it up! And I dont think its hard to mess up a simple order like a bagel and cream cheese etc. Something needs to be done

David Killey commented on "MY TIM HORTONS COLLECTION" 2014-12-20 4:36pm

My Tim Hortons collection located here

Also a private facebook page for tim horton collectors located here

Pb commented on "Respect ,,end of the day" 2014-12-20 1:39am

Not ALL Tim Hortons employees are that way. I am a current employee and would walk any customer that needed assistance order to their table, elderly or not. I have even helped customers take their orders to their car. If I notice the same customer who needed assistance finished their coffee, I'm happy to walk out to their table with a fresh pot for a refill. Sounds like you need to come to our Tim Hortons in ohio! I find your story disheartening and you should always let the store owner know first. That should remedy the situation. Just curious....why didn't you bring it to him? I know it's not your job, but what better way to right a wrong?

john donald commented on "Highway #1 Upgrade" 2014-12-18 5:57pm


Lisa commented on "I'm Dreaming of Double Double" 2014-12-17 5:59pm

How do you tell the girls at the Erin Centre location that they make your morning happy every single day with their exceptional customer service?! I could not live without the "Good morning Lisa ... Your usual?" They know my silly answers to their good morning to know that it is me!!! Penny and her team is the best! Their customer service is beyond awesome!!! Love these guys!!!


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