Clare's Chemo Story

Clare's Chemo Story


Two days before her second birthday, in September 2008, our daughter Clare was diagnosed with Cancer. She has retinoblastoma, a rare cancer that affects the eyes of young children. The hospital has become our second home since Clare's diagnosis. Her favorite floor at the I.W.K, in Halifax, NS is the Second floor in the Atrium. Here she can be a child and watch fish in their tanks, have a snack, socialize and we get to do things we would normally do before more tests and chemo. Tim Hortons is on the second floor and even just seeing it, waiting in line and getting our tea makes us feel 'normal' again. When it is time to spend the day at the hospital, we frequent Tim Hortons to help get us through the day. Clare loves playing with the empty cups and even pretends she is drinking her tea. When we get a double cupped drink, Clare gets the extra cup and sticks her sippy cup in it and is one of the happiest children around. When Clare is receiving her chemotherapy, she is isolated to one room. It can be a tiresome day. She passes the day away with videos of her favorite programs, colouring and for this two year old, playing with Tim Horton's cups can be very entertaining. She places them on her head, copies us by pretending to drink out of them, removing the lid and putting the lid back on, giving her stuffed toys a drink, and one of her faves is to put them on her feet and wear the cups like slippers. She has the best time doing this. In the long car ride to the I.W.K, Clare is content to play with a Tim's cup while sitting in the car. Since we make a few stops to the nearest Tim Hortons along the way, empty cups are always handy. Thank you Tim Hortons for being one of the constants in our upturned lives.



Charlie posted 2014-03-24 2:23pm

they all had a really good time there, but ponits out that although a really good time is great for the people having it, it's not necessarily very interesting for a reader. Stories need conflict and trouble and anxiety and difficulties to be overcome if they are going to grip a reader. Happiness and contentment do not make for great reads!On another topic, Rachel mentioned that she hated that Zara had to die. I get a lot of mail from people who were really upset about what happened to Zara. I'll just say this, cruel as it may sound: the thing any writer is trying to achieve is for readers to feel an emotional bond with the characters in their books - readers have to care what happens to them, or what's the point? So, from a purely writer's point of view, the fact that so many people were upset by Zara's death means the books have worked! If no one cared that she had died, then the book would have failed. That being said, she didn't get killed just for the sake of upsetting people - I wanted to show that battles and wars are terrible things - that really good and kind and innocent people can and do die in them, even if the good guys win in the end. Even happy ever after has it's price!

Valentin posted 2013-09-20 9:46pm

I long for you edric, llets run away together and he ttalloy rejects her. oh yeah and in the won't go home without you video by maroon 5 edric should like ttalloy change his mind and then he comes back he sees her with connor. oh and when tania rejects edric's proposal they should play put a ring on it by beyonce. And at the battle in book 3 they should play never say never by the fray and somewhere in one of the movies they should play hot and cold cuz really thay all act kinda bipolar not like the actual disease but moodswings and all. and in book one when tania comes back for edric in the dungeon they should play bleeding love and when oberon is kicked off the thrown they canplay viva la vida and it would be funny if somehow they played damaged by danity kane cuz edric damager her heart and connor can fix it like in the lyrics yah

Tina  Tamburro
ttamburro posted 2011-10-06 11:40pm

Nice story, my little one always loves playing with the empty cups too. Good luck my dear.

Silvana Miljanovic
sister2outof5 posted 2011-09-08 10:32am

God bless and keep Clare. She is a very brave little girl. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Deborah  Peever
AngelEhm posted 2009-09-01 2:53am

Love you Clare,Your Mom is so brave, be sure to hug her.


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