The Magic in a Cup

The Magic in a Cup


"Who's going to Tim's?" "What time?" "I'll meet you there." This is what I would hear my son saying, as he was organizing the nightly ritual to meet friends at Tim Hortons.
Tim's, the meeting place in our community. A place for companionship, a place for good times. The place where important discussions about cars, trucks, wheels and tires takes place, all shared over a cup of Tim's. The first place to look for someone, a place to meet before going out or the last place to meet at the end of the day.
Many stories and fond memories of my son begin with, " remember the time at Tim's"......
His friends continue to meet there. I stop by and enjoy a coffee and conversation with them. A steaming cup of coffee can set the perfect stage for a time to share stories, catch up, reminisce and indulge in memories. A moment for me to recapture the past and be privy to my son's life with his friends. There can be magic in a memory. It warms my heart and my soul.
Often, I have found a cup of Tims at my son's resting place. It's almost like a tribute to him by his friends. It is touching and heartfelt. One of the last photos taken of my son, is at the drive-thru at Tim Hortons. A treasured moment for me.
Life, is about sharing and holding memories. The times and moments, the fun and laughter that my son, Jeff, shared at Tim Hortons, is unforgettable..............this is my Tim's story.......



Conyers posted 2014-03-28 1:09am

Holy <a href="">coscine</a> data batman. Lol!

Anastasia posted 2014-03-26 8:14am

, "Nooo, it's syrup we put into a machine ... I wuldon't give it to my little one." Seriously, that coming from an employee. Glad to hear there's more fruit to be had in the McD's version. Thanks for this review! [url=]qmxkrw[/url] [link=]xpogul[/link]

Deemzy posted 2014-03-25 6:39pm

hi,a friend sent me your your blog....on the<a href=""> siohtome</a>...i am so use to making my own that when i tried McD's,i wasnt excited at all...i have spoiled myself for fresh i guess...i actually had this chocolate banana<a href=""> siohtome</a> bad, but was yummy.

Ananya posted 2014-03-24 4:33pm

the ones we make at home are waaaaay beettr....hooray! No bias or anything but I have to agree. It really is a great snack alternative so kudos to McD's for that.My daughter often asks for the milkshakes for which she gets a flat out "NO!" (awful fat content, sugar and gross ingredients, etc...) so at least I can now offer to buy her a healthier alternative which she'll enjoy. I have to say I'm personally more thrilled about the new McCafe and that they now serve espresso. That's most definitely a "mommy" treat lol....

Kelly Smith
ur_4love posted 2011-11-12 7:56am

It's all about the LOVE & I know Jeff would agree "where better than Tim Horton's" to go.
Beautiful story & no doubt Jeff would say "love you all & thanks for the Timmy's coffee, Kelly


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